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tv   Nightline  ABC  October 28, 2010 10:35pm-11:05pm EST

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tonight on "nightline," bringing sexy back. the pornography industry is often promoted as a degraded view of sex, but now one publisher is fighting back. we go inside the campaign to give sex a good name. plus, driving crazy. they can go 70 miles an hour and professionals jump them 40 feet. but now kids as young as 4 race atvs, too, and the changers are all too obvious. so, who is protecting these kids?
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and, no holds barred. a foot in the face, crazy ad campaigns. >> sharron angle's crazy juice! >> and physical threats. >> i'll take you out, buddy. >> it's the nastiest election ever -- right? maybe not. but it is a "sign of the times." >> announcer: from the global resources of abc news, with terry moran, cynthia mcfadden and bill weir in new york city, this is "nightline," october 28th, 2010. >> good evening. we begin tonight with sex and social more rays, thanks in large part to the internet, pornography is more persuasive than ever before. but the vulgar version of sex that porn sells is being challenged by one new magazine headed by a husband and wife team. they say keeping it real is what's really sexy.
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my co-anchor bill weir has the story for our series "modern sex in america." >> here we go. >> reporter: this is a $60 hotel room just off the new jersey turnpike. there is no crew here, no stylist. just a husband and wife with an old camera, snapping photos of a naked teenager. but they say, this is not some sleazy corner of the porn industry, but rather, a rallying cry against it. >> that's beautiful right there. >> reporter: the way they see it, their upstart magazine called "jacques" is a slingshot of taste aimed at the spray tango lie yath that is the adult industrial complex. they believe america's hungry for more sensuality than silicone these days. so, they celebrate the home grown girl with a curve in her hip and a glint in her eye. why did you take this job? >> it was something very different. and i would never do porn and i
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don't consider "jacques" to be porn, but i looked at the magazine and as jonathan was saying, it was beautiful. kind of like, you know, at the metropolitan museum with the statues, like, it's very -- portrays women in a beautiful way and i like that. >> reporter: how old are you? >> i'm 19. >> reporter: your parents know you did this kind of shoot? >> i live at home with my mom and my grandmother, actually, and they thought it was hysterical. my family can't wait to see it. >> reporter: "jacques" may never be as big as "hustler" or "penthouse" or make as much money as a big porn studio like vivid. but they're relatively demure promotional videos draw about a million clicks each and demand for the magazine is quickly rising. proof that there is a market for skin with standards. >> reporte >> it's just a little too vulgar. and as a woman, i'm a little upset.
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it's like, we don't need to be doing a lot of the things they are doing online or to be sexy to a man. >> reporter: how do you decide where to draw the line editorially? what's too sexy? >> there is a line. >> there is. we don't really want to see too much anatomy. i think that can really make it vulgar, a lot of -- we don't do spread legs, we just -- we won't. >> reporter: retired fashion model danielle is the editor in chief of "jacques." >> can you go, just, a little more, there. >> reporter: jonathan, her photographer husband, uses only old fashioned untouched film. to fill in the spaces between articles they admit are a work in progress. all of their fledgely success comes from semi-nude models captured in a way that evokes dad's "playboys" of yore. >> we picked up a stand of
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"playboy" on the stands today -- it's disgusting. hugh hefner is an amazing person, what he accomplished with his life is really fantastic and something to aspire to, but at the same time, it's embarrassing. and it's embarrassing as an american. >> reporter: in what way? >> the quality, the retouching, the type of girls that are featured. i mean, whose -- you see the blond girls they are on tv, the ones with the died platinum blond hair and the super fake tans. is that somebody's idea of beauty? >> reporter: ironically, the 84-year-old taste maker is in the process of retaking control of his magazine. and when hugh spoke to "nightline" recently, he sounded a lot like the "jacques" team. pining for a simpler time. >> "playboy" tried to give sex a good name. i have said from the very beginning, and the truth of the matter is, that the centerfold, the plaitmate pictorial, was,
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from the very beginning, the girl next door. >> reporter: but in the '90s, the girl next door may way for girls like this. just as digital pornography exploded. >> that was in the '90s. i think, where you saw the big blond girl and we had a lot of them under contract. and those girls still sell today. so, the point is that there's so much adult product to choose from. there's so many scenes that have been produced, you can find every type of girl. >> reporter: with the pam anderson/tommy lee type and porn parodies like "batman xxx," stephen hirsch built vivid entertainment into a $100 million a year business. but lately he says he's faced a perfect storm of declining dvd sales, rampant piracy and internet sites that give content away for free. >> i don't know where the industry will be in five or ten years. maybe the only way to fight free is to be free and to come up with a business model that
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supports that. >> reporter: and there is a more sobering threat. after a male porn actor tested positive for have, studios halted production this month. and the industry's biggest name, jenna jamison, called for a porn star union to help protect against a, quote, ticking time bomb. her former employer disagrees. >> i really do believe that this industry has done a great job in policing itself and there have been two people who have tested positive in the last four years. during that time, be's been probably 200,000 adult scenes shot. >> reporter: thankfully, that is something these models don't have to worry about if they book a job with "jacques," but that is a big if. this manhattan casting call illustrating how particular jonathan and danielle can be. >> three, two, one -- >> no implants allowed. no waxing at all down south. and most importantly, no skinny
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russians. >> for me, i really see a lot of americans missing from, sort of, like, advertising. as an american consumer, that really upsets me, because it's like, so, what, american women aren't beautiful? you have to be russian, brazilian. why can't there be an american girl that's got frequentables or a pale face. sorry if i get upset. >> reporter: and why do you think the american women are hung up the way they are? >> the media. no, i can't pinpoint that on the media. >> could be the media. you can show the full breast but not the nipple, you know, on the cover of every magazine. how much cleavage can we see without seeing the nipple. it's nipple-phonetic. nipple phobia. is that a term? >> reporter: it applies. >> could be. this country is really terrified of the nipple. >> reporter: a nipple-phonetic nation, perhaps, but one that still spends more on porn videos than convexal movies each year.
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if "jacques" can survive depends on if americans want a kinder, gentler erer rot ka. how big of a demand is there for this sort of a product? >> well, we like to think unlimited, really. sky's the limit. >> reporter: i'm bill for "nightline" in new york. >> we'll see. bill weir with the new frontier. when we come back, kids this age used to be on training wheels. what are they doing on these? look at all this stuff for coffee. oh there's tons. french presses, espresso tampers, filters. it can get really complicated. not nearly as complicated as shipping it, though. i mean shipping is a hassle. not with priority mail flat rate boxes from the postal service. if it fits it ships anywhere in the country for a low flat rate. that is easy. best news i've heard all day! i'm soooo amped! i mean not amped. excited. well, sort of amped.
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all terrain vehicles, atvs, our four-wheelers, seem tailor-made for daredevils. but it turns out, not just adult daredevils. some of the riders are as young as 4 years old. if that seems dangerous, it is. a new report from johns hopkins documents an epidemic of atv injuries and deaths among children. tonight, brian ross investigates. brian? >> reporter: cynthia, a new report by two leading public health experts finds what is called an epidemic of serious injuries and death involving children who ride atvs. those four-wheel all terrain vehicles that are so popular in this country. with a rock music sound track, atv owners have created their
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own online highlights reel with hundreds of videos posted on youtube. there's one high speed stunt after another, paying tribute to the growing number of atv risk takers. and the children, some supposedly as young as 3 years old, doing their best to copy the adult's atv stunts. >> there are literally thousands of young riders, 6 and 7 years old, who do this safely every single day. >> reporter: they can be great fun. >> let's look at brooke. >> reporter: 12-year-old brooke of st. louis and her family booked a tour on atvs in costa rica. adults and children were all given full-sized vehicles, capable of speeds over 60 miles an hour. an on the flat sand of the beach, there was no problem. but then, as the family later recorded on a home video camera, they headed up a steep road. >> here's the cliff she went down the hill. >> my daughter was ahead of me
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and we rounded a bend and a very sharp turn and when i came around, her best friend emma was standing there screaming in the middle of the road. >> reporter: brooke had driven off a 200-foot cliff after missing the turn. >> can't you try to shock her or something, bring her back? >> reporter: authorities later said brooke died on impact. >> reporter: while jennifer blames the costa ree can tour company, she says she hopes brooke's tragic death can serve as a warning to other parents about children on atvs. >> my life went from the most perfect nine days to complete hell in a matter of probably a split second. >> reporter: both the american academy of bpediatrics and the american college of surgeons recommend keeping all children under the age of 16 off atvs. but every weekend across the country, thousands of children, well under 16, can be seen on
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atvs racing around state parks, country trails and commercial tracks, including this one in upstate new york. >> most kids like it because they see the pros coming up, like, whoa, that guy went super high, that guy went super far and then they're like, oh, dad, mom, i want to do that. >> they can go 60, 70 miles an hour, doing 30, 40-feet jumps. you got to be somewhat of a daredevil to do this. >> reporter: here, an 8-year-old daredevil with a smaller version atv waited his turn to race. and he was hardly the youngest. mackenzie is 6. >> what's your favorite part? >> hitting the jumps. >> reporter: parents here say there are accidents every race day and injuries are seen by some as a badge of honor, including 13-year-old jared. >> i broke my wrist, i've broke my hand. i broke my tailbone before.
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and broke a couple other bones. >> reporter: paramedics are stationed on the sidelines, waiting for the next victim. and sure enough, a 16-year-old boy lost control of his atv going over one of the jumps. >> i was right behind him and i think the guy hit the tree and then the quad fell over him, so, that was pretty scary. >> reporter: the teen broke two bones in his back, but he was not paralyzed. >> all part of the sport. it's -- you accept that, i guess as part of it. >> reporter: but public health experts and emergency room doctors say it's unacceptable, with serious consequences. >> infernal chest injuries, very bad lacerations, head injuries. >> reporter: dr. larry forman is a veteran emergency room doctor in central california. >> the first thing is is panic and they just don't have the maturity enough to understand what they should be doing when a severe situation presents itself. >> reporter: the new report on the epidemic of atv injuries and
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deaths for children from the johns hopkins bloomberg school of public health found 4,000 children hospitalized and 149 killed in the most recent year's study, 23006, a dramatic increase over the last decade. >> 90% are riding the wrong side vehicle, adult models that are heavier and faster. >> reporter: the atv industry says children as young as 6 can be perfectly safe on smaller, less powerful versions of atvs. >> absolutely can be, if the child has the motor skills and is able to understand the instructions. >> reporter: atv manufacturers and distributors say it's important that children don't ride adult-sized atvs. but an undercover investigation by the government accountability office this year found 7 out of 10 retailers were willing to sell adult-sized atvs for use by children. >> i don't think that's going to stop. >> sue lost her 12-year-old son
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kyle in an atv accident. >> it really saddens me because i know it's just a matter of time before another child dies. i get the alerts every day and they are either seriously injured for life or they are killed. >> reporter: the most pronounced increase in the epidemic of serious atv accidents involves 15, 16 and 17 years. including one of california's top high school football quarterbacks. 16-year-old tyler. two days after playing the game of his life, he and his friends went for an atv outing at a nearby state beach, popular with atv riders. tyler went over a dune like this one and his atv flipped over on him. >> i looked down at my body and my legs were wrapped around the back tire and it just liked like my entire torso wasn't even connected to my chest and i had no feeling or sensation. >> reporter: tyler is now paralyzed from the waist down. still optimistic and working
11:55 pm
hard to walk again, he will be one of the estimated 40,000 young people seriously injured in atv accidents this year. some dealers have already begun to advertise atvs as perfect christmas presents for 5-year-olds. and while the child versions may go slower, safety advocates say they can still weigh around 200 pounds and up, enough to easily crush a skull or break a back in a rollover. cynthia? >> scary, brian. our thanks, as always, to brian ross. up next, the nastiest election season ever. that's what they're saying about 2010. but does it happen to be true? until you look at the gumline. the problem is, you could have plaque along your gumline that can lead to gingivitis. in fact, one in two adults actually has gingivitis and might not even know it. fortunately, there's new crest pro-health clinical gum protection toothpaste. it helps eliminate plaque at the gumline, helping prevent gingivitis.
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maryland's governor martin o'malley. endorsed by the washington post for his "tough, decisive steps" on the state budget and unwavering commitment to education. o'malley's made college more affordable. he's helping restore the health of the chesapeake bay, has forward-looking plans on transportation and a record reducing violent crime. governor martin o'malley. one leader moving maryland forward.
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>> announcer: "nightline" continues from new york city with cynthia mcfadden. >> well, this election season has certainly spawned a deluge of superlatives the angriest voters ever, the biggest issues at stake and the dirtiest campaign tactics. but is 2010 really a landmark year for nasty politics? turns out that plenty of other years vie for the crown, and for john berman, that's a "sign of the times." >> reporter: my country tis of thee. sweet land of liberty. >> you can take the endorsement and shove it. >> reporter: of thee i sing. >> hell no you can't. >> i will not yield to the gentleman! >> reporter: america, america, land of the free and home of campaign. campaign 2010, that is. the campaign that just brought you the head stomping of a liberal activist. the campaign where no one drinks
12:00 am
milk anymore. >> introducing sharron angle's crazy juice! >> reporter: the campaign where a candidate just told a reporter -- >> i'll take you out, buddy. >> reporter: and he's not talking about going to lunch. yes, if this campaign were a soul record, no one would tell you to get down, but instead -- >> man up. >> man up. >> man up. >> reporter: all these words, all this rhetoric, has led many to wonder, how long can we go? >> getting nasty out there. >> pretty nasty. >> so nasty. >> culture of hate, finger pointing, of scapegoating. >> let's get nasty, ready for the firing line. >> reporter: but to those who think vote 2010, for all its -- >> she can make a mess, we have to clean it up. >> belittling -- >> might as well put out a welcome sign for illegal aliensness. >> reporter: is as long as it gets. well, just say, don't forget vote '98. >> one of the dirtiest primary races that i've ever seen. >> reporter: vote '94. >> americans were able to tune
12:01 am
out a campaign of almost unequaled ran core. >> reporter: vote '90 and vote '72. >> this is shaping up as the dirtiest. >> reporter: just to name a few. it turns out if, you think 2010 is bad, you might just have to -- >> man up. >> reporter: because this land, where our fathers died, land of the pilgrim's pride, has had its share of brutal nastiness for hundreds of years. vote '28. 1828, that is. supporters of john quincy adams put out pamphlets saying andrew jackson's mother was a prostitute and that jackson himself, a murderer. those are slightly more stinging rebukes than -- >> crazy juice! >> reporter: jackson supporters accused adams of once procuring prostitutes for the czar of russia. like that's a tone that makes -- >> take the endorsement and shove it. >> reporter: seem like a nursery rhyme. while on the subject of nursery rhymes -- vote '84.
12:02 am
one of the favorite slogans, ma, ma, where's my pa? that was thrown at grover cleveland who had a child out of wedlock. vote ''67. and since then, watergate break-ins, willie horton and swift boating. >> he dishonored his country and the people he served with. >> reporter: no one is saying that vote 2010 is the epitome of policeness, model of et kit, a vision of purity. it might be unseemly -- >> shove it. >> reporter: unoriginal. >> man up. >> reporter: uninspiring. >> hell no you can't! >> reporter: but one thing it is not is un-american. ♪ from every mountainside ♪ let freedom ring >> reporter: i'm john berman for "nightline" in new york. >> well, the music is nice, anyway. some things never change.
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when we come back, sarah palin's political muscle, that's the subject of tonight's closing argument. first, jimmy kimmel with what's coming up next. >> jimmy: tonight, mandy moore, john quinones, music from youtube subway sensation atomic tom, and "this week in unnecessary censorship." "jimmy kimmel live" is next.
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